The Edge of Destruction

A ‘bottle’ story made up of two episodes, set entirely in the Tardis, with some sort of technical fault at work, and everyone (over-)acting weirdly. Concludes with a rather unremarkable solution (the button was pushed in!).

I suppose at this point, this could be seen as a much-needed chance to develop the characters, but when those characters are behaving so weirdly, it amounts to an uncomfortable couple of episodes that still feel like filler.

Disaster strikes the Tardis!

Disaster strikes the Tardis!

I wouldn’t say it was entirely without merit. There’s a uniquely eerie mood throughout the whole thing. It also gives us our first glimpse at some of the other rooms inside the Tardis – it would appear to be quite well-equipped! It also shows us just how fragile the equipment is if it can go so easily wrong, but hints at some self-awareness or self-preservation within the machinery too.

Susan is unwell and goes a bit crazy.

Susan is unwell and goes a bit crazy.

I don’t really have much to say about it aside from that. The Tardis is fixed and lands somewhere cold… so, onward to the next adventure!


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