Galaxy 4

Much of this is reconstructed from fragments and pictures, but I am determined to watch every single episode regardless of its condition!

A bit of a shame, as the state of the surviving audio is very poor throughout. So much so that I missed some bits of dialogue that were too muffled. Fair play to the reconstruction team for what they’ve managed, but some subtitles wouldn’t have gone amiss!

Captured by Chumbleys!

Captured by Chumbleys!

Anyway, I got the gist of it. A doomed planet and two different groups trying to leave in their crashed ships: the Amazonian-like Drahvins and the grotesque Rills and their creepy robot drones. It turns out the humanoid women are the bad guys and the rubber suit things are the good guys, thereby teaching kids a valuable lesson in something or other.

The Drahvins.

The Drahvins.

The Rills.

The Rills.

Altogether too much footage of the little robot ‘chumbleys’ driving around making the same irritating noises over and over.


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  1. I’m blogging about my Doctor Who marathon – 50 Weeks in 50 Years, on WordPress. You can find my review of Galaxy 4 here –

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