The Massacre of St Bartholomew’s Eve

A four part story (all reconstructed) set in 16th century France just prior to the events of the massacre of thousands of protestants. It was frightfully dull, in all honesty, and the whole story just felt like it was leading up to the riots at the end.

The Doctor and Steven visit the pub.

The Doctor and Steven visit the pub.

Really, for three and a half episodes, it was just loads of British people pretending to be French, walking into rooms and talking and plotting with each other.* And most of them had the same beard, so it was hard to follow who was who.

“Oh, I… erm… I think I’d better leave.”
“Yes, I think you better had.”

But, speaking of “who was who”, it did have an intriguing sub-plot where the Doctor disappears and we’re led to believe he’s impersonating the Abbot of Amboise, who then gets killed. It actually turns out this was a bluff and he was simply someone else who looked like the Doctor for no apparent reason.

The Queen mum.

The Queen mum.

Really, the best part of this serial was right at the end of the last episode, having escaped France and returned to (1960s) present day, Steven temporarily leaves the Tardis and the Doctor reminisces about his prior companions and – for a moment or two – contemplates going home to his planet. But then a woman looking for a police box stumbles into the Tardis by mistake, Steven comes back, and all three vanish off on their next adventure.

*Basically this.


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