The Macra Terror

4 episodes, all reconstructed. Another cool sci-fi episode. A human colony on another planet, far from Earth in the distant future. What seems like a peaceful civilisation has a dark underbelly, in the form of creatures called Macra.

The Macra attacks!

The Macra attacks!

They’ve been using the colonists to mine gas from the ground that they need to survive. They control the the leader of the colonists, who controls the whole colony by feeding them instructions in their sleep. No-one ever meets the leader, he only appears on the video screen to give instructions.

The Doctor sneaks about.

The Doctor sneaks about.

It’s all very sinister. Anyone who proclaims to have seen a Macra is taken away to be ‘cured’. The Doctor uncovers it all and the Macra are defeated by reversing the flow of gas and releasing their controlling grip on the leader. I enjoyed this one too and would have liked to have seen some surviving video. Alas, such was the BBC.

The Leader is attacked by the Macra.

The Leader is attacked by the Macra.

I continue to be impressed with Patrick Troughton’s portrayal of the Doctor. He’s really transformed this show for me now. Fortunately, too, a lot of the stories so far are more up my street. Less of the “we’re trapped in this historical time period, oh noes” and more proper sci-fi stuff.


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