Turlough is inducted rather easily into the Tardis crew, despite continuing to act suspiciously. Tegan’s fears are soon dropped and everything goes on as normal. Occasionally, Turlough hears from the Black Guardian again, telling him to kill the Doctor, but it has almost no bearing on this story, which is disappointing.

I like how their helmets have to be massive to cover their eighties perms.

I like how their helmets have to be massive to cover their eighties perms.

Terminus is a futuristic version of a leper colony, in space. It also turns out to be a time-travelling ship that caused the big bang and is inhabited by a large dog man robot creature thing. All of which raises more questions than it answers, like “if the ship’s engine explosion is what created the universe, where did the ship come from?” And “why is there a large dog man robot creature thing roaming around the ship anyway?”

Just... what?

Just… what?

Things have not aged well. Quite aside from all the big perms on show, the sets are repetitious and not really large enough to give the sense of scale of the the facility. At one point, one of the raiders, Olvir, is standing in a small area after having a fight and doesn’t notice Nyssa being abducted by the giant Garn two feet behind him. It’s quite bad.

Arse literally kicked.

Arse literally kicked.

There are some good elements. The actual industrial design of the place is quite appealing, and there’s a cool hull breach sealant used by the raiders early on, which is unusually good attention to detail. The hydromel medication the soldiers have to implant into their suits reminds me a bit of Ketracel-White from Star Trek DS9. The armoured uniforms are also very elaborate and ornate, like something out of mythology. The core concept of an engine explosion causing the big bang is intriguing, the sort of “big idea” I tend to like, but it doesn’t make a second explosion destroying the Universe any more believable, and it really doesn’t need to be such a catastrophic event to provide dramatic tension. It’s overkill.

Nyssa and Olvir are approached by a drone.

Nyssa and Olvir are approached by a drone.

And then there’s Nyssa, who is routinely useless throughout, getting captured, infected and captured again, until the end, when she finally decides to follow her true calling and stay behind to develop a cure for the disease. Hopefully she remembers to put some clothes back on too, the silly girl. Thus the Tardis crew loses another and I’m left none-the-wiser as to what Turlough is up to.


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